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Our software development practice

It’s time to take marketing seriously

Marketing spend - especially on relatively short-term events - is just as susceptible to rigorous measurement as other parts of the business, so we have developed software to do just that.

See us at TFM 2016 – stand T1132

On 28th and 29th September 2016, we shall be exhibiting at the Technology for Marketing show (TFM) in Olympia, London. In previous years, we have sponsored the Data and […]

In praise of micro-IT

Sometimes small investments in IT to ease the flow of data around a business can have transformational effects. In terms of pure ROI, such 'micro-IT' is hard to beat!

Running a python website using Microsoft IIS

Python has proved itself to be an extremely useful and multi-faceted tool. We’ve used it with libraries such as pandas and numpy in the Data Science arena, working with […]

Do you really know which of your campaigns actually make you money?

In direct marketing, evaluating which campaigns actually add long-term value requires a lot of data and sophisticated analytics. Investment in the right tools can have a substantial impact on the bottom line.

Golden Orb to present at Direct Commerce Association Annual Summit

The Direct Commerce Association (DCA) is a not-for-profit trade body established in 2004 with the specific aim of supporting businesses in all areas of the multi-channel retail community. At […]

When essential software no longer meets your needs

Here’s a situation many companies face. Long ago, your company set up some software to support your business. After years of largely trouble-free operation, you need to make changes […]

Using ASP.NET with Oracle OLAP

We have been using a combination of ASP.NET and Oracle OLAP for some years to build sophisticated planning and reporting tools and found them to work very well together. […]

Managing the legacy of OFA

Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA) has been out of support for many years, yet the huge investment made in it makes it hard for many companies to move away. Whether it is support you need, or assistance with finding an alternative, we can help.

Data migration via the clipboard

How can you safely migrate data to a new system when copying it straight into the database is not an option? Our innovative solution used the clipboard to allow bulk copying of data into a new system through the front end without risk of human error.