What we do

At the core of our offering is helping businesses, both small and large, to make better use of the power of information technology.

We specialise in the development of bespoke software, both large and small, that is not otherwise available in the marketplace. In this way we give our clients a unique competitive advantage that cannot easily be replicated off the shelf.

The scope for computers to transform every day business is practically unlimited – and changing all the time. The costs of data storage and processing power are dramatically lower today than they were a decade ago – even as the amount of data collected through customer interactions, websites, social media and the like continues to grow exponentially. Many businesses, even the largest multinationals, simply do not have the expertise or resources in-house to take full advantage of what they have.

In many businesses, ‘IT’ is treated as something quite separate from the rest of the business rather than being part of the every day set of tools available to the business. In larger companies it is hived off to a separate department – or outsourced completely to an external supplier. In smaller businesses, specific needs – for a new website, say, or a new reporting tool – are bought in on an ad-hoc basis and between purchases things do not change at all. In both cases, people working in the business are as much limited as enabled by the systems they have as there is no scope to make even the smallest of changes. High profile projects to implement big new systems get all the funding, but there is no mechanism available to put in a few days of spreadsheet development which would make a world of difference to someone on the ground.

This need not be the case. IT is a business tool, just like pen and paper or the pocket calculator were 25 years ago. The problem is finding a reliable partner that won’t cost the earth to enable you to do the things that you know should be possible. Golden Orb is that partner and some examples of our offerings to businesses of different sizes are shown below.

For a global multinational, we have helped individual country offices and manufacturing plants to develop local planning and reporting tools. One project involved developing a manufacturing performance tool sitting on top of a legacy system that was so old that no-one involved with the development was still around. At the same time, it was so widely used across the business that it could not be touched, presenting us with a number of technical challenges.

For a medium sized international business, we have developed planning and reporting software to help them to develop robust business plans and budgets. We have also developed tools to help understand and forecast the customer decision making process enabling better forecasting and increased retention.

For a small UK-based service company, we have developed spreadsheet-based reporting tools, enabling them to provide a better service to their clients with less time-consuming work on their part.

These are just some examples of the ways that we have helped a wide range of clients in many industries to meet their own specific challenges using the power of information technology. Our clients include manufacturers, retailers, financial services companies, management consultancies and other service organisations and we relish a challenge.

If you have any challenging problems, to which you have not been able to find a solution elsewhere, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.