The Direct Commerce Association (DCA) is a not-for-profit trade body established in 2004 with the specific aim of supporting businesses in all areas of the multi-channel retail community. At this year’s DCA summit on Thursday 4th June, Golden Orb’s Terry Hogan will be presenting with David Lockwood, from Direct Wines.

Titled “Evidence-based marketing. How Direct Wines uses marketing data to drive profitability“, Terry Hogan and David Lockwood will outline how Direct Wines, with the support of Golden Orb, has improved its use of data to refine decision-making and to optimise the allocation of resources. They will also explain  how the rollout of a customised planning, reporting and forecasting tool has provided invaluable insight, assisting Direct Wines in the planning and execution of their marketing campaigns.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to show how Golden Orb can work with businesses to improve their use of data,” says Terry Hogan. “We have been working with Direct Wines for over six years, helping them improve their campaign management, reporting and predictive modelling.”

The DCA Annual Summit is taking place on Thursday 4th June at the Hurlingham Club, London.
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