Case Studies

Below is a list of case studies describing the sort of work that we do.

Planning and forecasting in direct marketing

For Direct Wines, the world’s largest direct-to-consumer wine merchant, Golden Orb were engaged to develop a management information and forecasting tool, covering reporting, planning and forecasting.

Promotional planning and evaluation

Running effective trade promotions is essential to success in today’s FMCG marketplace, accounting for around half of total marketing spend. For Unilever UK, we developed a system to allow account managers to design and plan promotions, monitor them as they happened and conduct pre- and post-evaluation of their effectiveness and Return on Investment (ROI).

Modelling consumer choice in the wine market

For many people, choosing a wine can be extremely intimidating, so in a project for Laithwaites, the direct to consumer wine merchant, we developed a model to generate recommendations and help guide the decision.

Managing the provision of EPOS data

Many manufacturers only have direct access to their own data of orders and shipments to customers or wholesalers. Whilst this is valuable, it only gives a partial picture of actual consumer sales – particularly during periods of promotional activity which can see pre-buying by retailers which may or may not reflect the actual consumer offtake accurately.

BASEL II reporting tool

BASEL II regulations now in place in the banking sector require that processes are established to ensure that credit grades fairly reflect risk. Banks can now use an internal ratings-based approach to risk management, giving them more flexibility to run their business.

Investment bank equity trading analysis

For investment banks, telling good equity trading clients or traders from bad is difficult, given the ever-changing background of market gains and losses. Golden Orb operate a business for their clients, running a “service bureau” allowing investment banks to do exactly this.

Provisions management system

Accurate forecasting and tracking of future liabilities is of vital importance to any business. Unfortunately, sales planning tools and financial management systems frequently operate on different platforms and are not easy to integrate.

Risk-based loan pricing model

For many years, we have been involved with developing, maintaining and supporting a risk-based loan pricing model for one of our banking clients. This helps them to determine the optimum interest rate for a loan to ensure that it provides a return commensurate with the risk to the bank.

Survey outcome analysis and reporting

Successful companies need to know about and manage not just their business but also their workforce. For one of our clients who undertakes such employee surveys, we developed a powerful analytical and reporting tool to help them and their clients to derive maximum benefit from their data.

Business services website

Golden Orb is the company behind the website, which provides a valuable service to training organisations and human resources departments. The website provides an online solution to the problem of quickly sorting a list of people into evenly balanced and diverse groups.

Maintaining a profitable after-market sales infrastructure

The world-wide web is becoming an increasingly important sales channel for many companies retailing products to consumers and businesses. While it potentially opens the market to a wider range of customers, there are risks with this channel to be considered. One risk in particular relates to website performance, which can have a direct effect on business profitability, especially given the level of complexity required to serve the many different combinations of customer countries, languages and product markets.