Our Approach

We have a ‘no nonsense’ approach to pricing and staffing that treats clients with respect and puts customer satisfaction at the heart of our offering.

Golden Orb takes on a wide range of projects small and large, one-off and long-term. Despite the widely differing nature of such projects, there are many similarities in the way that we approach the work. We have some guiding principles that underpin all the work we carry out:

  • Unless specifically agreed, we always work on a “fixed fee” basis. As “trusted advisor” in our area of expertise it is our responsibility to work out what is required accurately, so it is only right that we should bear any additional cost for unforeseen problems
  • There will be no hidden costs. You will not incur any costs except for those that are specifically agreed with us in advance. We understand that requirements may change during a project and our charging structure allows for this
  • Unbiased advice – we will always aim to meet your requirements in the way that is most effective to you, building on what has been done before where appropriate
  • We only employ the best software developers. Too often, skilled developers move into specification and management, leaving the actual coding to junior staff. We believe that using highly qualified experts to do both specification and development results in better, more flexible and maintainable code and is considerably more cost-effective for our clients in the long term

In practice this approach affects how we work in the following ways:

  • A senior consultant will always have hands-on involvement with client work. You will not spend hours briefing a company director, only to find that an inexperienced junior member of staff actually has to implement the solution
  • We work in small teams of highly skilled consultants. We find that this is much more cost-effective than deploying large numbers of less qualified junior staff with all the attendant overhead that this entails
  • We always start with the situation as we find it with a view to building on existing investment as far as possible. We will not recommend a completely new solution unless we feel it is the most cost-effective option

If you have any issues that you would like to discuss with us, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.