Business Analytics

With years of experience in industry, market analysis and consultancy, and knowledge of many sophisticated modelling and statistical techniques, we are able to conduct a range of bespoke analytical projects for our clients.

Examples of the sort of work we undertake include:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Consumer decision modelling
  • Risk analysis
  • Market research analysis
  • Evaluating promotional effectiveness
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Customer/product segmentation

Unlike other management consultancies, who might typically undertake such modelling for a client and leave them with a printed report, Golden Orb also have the software skills to develop tools that clients can use on a regular basis. We believe that this approach delivers maximum value as many such tools prove much harder to implement than consultants anticipate; leaving a working system, rather than just a report, ensures that full value is realised within the client organisation.

Our business intelligence work draws on the following skills:

  • A strong understanding of the needs of business, derived from many years experience in management consultancy and industry
  • In-depth knowledge of a wide range of analytical tools and techniques
  • Highly specialised skills to deal with the very large volumes of data that are now commonplace in business
  • Technical familiarity with common data environments – especially where there is no pre-existing “information system” – to be able to identify, negotiate and obtain the necessary raw data
  • Project management skills to ensure the analysis meets all the business objectives for timing and outcome
  • People skills to work with staff to define the problem and then build the best possible start for the analysis based on existing knowledge
  • Strong presentation skills, to be able to communicate the findings and implications of the analysis back to management