About Us

The company was formed in 2000 to address the gulf between what businesses ought to be able to do with their data and what they actually were doing.

Despite a bewildering array of products and services in the IT sector, the fact remains that most companies are sitting on a gold mine of internal data of which they fail to extract more than a fraction of the value. IT projects are typically complex, expensive and fail to deliver the anticipated benefits.

Into this environment was born Golden Orb with a mission to make a difference. We are not an ‘IT company’, but do write extremely good software where necessary. We do not believe it should necessarily be more expensive to develop a bespoke solution than to customise an off-the-shelf package (incidentally, meaning that it is no longer ‘off the shelf’) and have a wealth of experience that this is so. We are pragmatic, focused purely on results and dependable. Our goal is to help our clients to use their own data to understand and manage their businesses better. As such, we typically report to senior executives rather than IT departments and see our work as business consultancy, even if the end result is often a piece of software.

Golden Orb consultants draw on a wide range of experience gained in industry, academia, product development, management consultancy and IT. All of our employees have distinguished track records in their specialist fields, and bring a great breadth of knowledge to client problems, enabling them to design and implement pragmatic and cost-effective solutions, which are nevertheless at the leading edge of industry best practice.

Our staff have outstanding academic backgrounds in fields ranging from Mathematics to the Law, and from Health Economics to Philosophy, which gives the company a broad perspective to bring to bear on client problems. Experience has been gained from working with outstanding consumer-focused companies like Unilever, Procter and Gamble, Tesco and leading management consultancies Oliver Wyman and AT Kearney.

The management team is currently made up of the following people:

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