Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA), together with its sales reporting sibling Oracle Sales Analyzer (OSA) were at one time the mainstays of financial planning and sales reporting respectively. Many companies made huge investments in OFA in the past, and even now, many years after it went out of support, are still using it out of a combination of inertia and lack of a clear need to change. Whilst moving from OSA to a different reporting tool is relatively straightforward, OFA is a planning tool with great scope for customisation and therefore is frequently tailored to a company’s specific requirements. The thought of migrating whilst it still works and in the absence of a clear need to do so is simply too daunting for many. At the same time, they must feel exposed as it is many years since it has been formally supported by Oracle.

We have years of experience with Oracle Express, the technology which underlies both OFA and OSA and is now implemented as the OLAP option in the main Oracle database. In the past we have written tailored replacements for both OFA and OSA and we continue to develop planning and reporting tools using a combination of Oracle OLAP and ASP.NET. Whether you are looking for someone to help support your legacy OFA system, or feel it is time to explore the possibility of moving to an alternative, we would be happy to talk to you.