Direct Wines

“Our partnership with Golden Orb has enabled us to have much greater oversight of our marketing spend. By helping us to identify profitable and unprofitable activities, GMS allows us to focus our resources where they can deliver the greatest ROI.”

- David Thatcher, Group Chief Executive, Direct Wines

“The people, software and service from Golden Orb have all been exceptional. If it is insight you seek, don’t look any further”

- Simon McMurtrie, Former CEO, Direct Wines


“We have worked with Golden Orb over many years and always found their work to be of the highest quality”

- Mark McClennon, CIO:Consumer, Unilever

“I would highly recommend the management services of Golden Orb who have helped design, support and maintain the Unilever sales planning tools”

- Paul O’Brien, Customer Development Innovation and Development Manager, Unilever

“Our work with Golden Orb has greatly improved our ability to visualise our factory performance data, allowing us to identify sources of loss and improve our efficiency. The team had a challenging brief but they addressed the challenge with a positive and ‘can-do’ mind-set. I greatly appreciated their proactive approach to identifying potential problems and coming up with solutions.”

- Areeb Syed, Cluster sourcing unit controller, Unilever

Bank of Ireland

“I have worked with Golden Orb on various occasions over the years, and have always found our interactions to be both engaging and very professional. The quality of the work is of the highest standard and has always been delivered within budget and to agreed timelines. What I particularly like about Golden Orb’s approach is their unfailing ability to offer innovative options that ultimately add real value to the end output.”

- Brian O’Sullivan, Head of Risk Measurement & Strategy, Bank of Ireland Corporate Banking

“Our experience of working with Golden Orb was excellent. They provided a very professional service both technically and creatively and delivered a high quality product in a very timely manner. We look forward to working with Golden Orb in the future.”

- Tammy McKenna, Group Risk, Bank of Ireland

Laithwaites Wine

“Our work with Golden Orb has transformed the way we are able to read and understand marketing results. We are able to evaluate and forecast our marketing performance faster and more accurately, in both the immediate, and longer term (lifetime value). We have as a result significantly optimised our marketing spend.”

- David Lockwood, Head of Marketing Analytics, Laithwaites Wine

“I have worked with Golden Orb for a while now, and what has really impressed me is the way they can connect up incredibly advanced theoretical models, and give them actionable real-life application.

We came to Terry with a concept, and a lot of data that we had been collecting, but with no idea of how to use the data to achieve our goal of helping our customers navigate our wine range with confidence, and within 6 hours of receiving the brief and the data, Terry had not only cracked the solution to the problem, but he had designed a working tool to enable us to input and analyse our data, and produce meaningful information that we could use to help us sell more wine.

Terry and his team are absolutely on top of the detail as well as understanding the client needs, which makes sure that conversations are productive, and time is not wasted in translating client needs for technical experts and vice versa.”

- Justin Howard-Sneyd, Wine Director, Laithwaites Wine

Pulse Check

“Golden Orb’s work has transformed Pulse Check’s reporting and analysis capabilities allowing us to respond quickly to almost any client data or analysis request”

- Roger Thornham, Managing Director, Pulse Check