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Our business analytics practice: distilling information from data and developing sophisticated models

In praise of micro-IT

Sometimes small investments in IT to ease the flow of data around a business can have transformational effects. In terms of pure ROI, such 'micro-IT' is hard to beat!

Harvesting web data – a first sip at the Big Data firehose

Harvesting data from the internet, through a mix of web scraping and published APIs can help canny businesses to steal a march on their competitors at low cost.

See the complete picture for your business, by bringing together data from multiple sources

What is the problem with multi-source data?

Whatever field your business operates in, you almost certainly depend on a whole range of different data sources for management, planning and forecasting. […]

Do you really know which of your campaigns actually make you money?

In direct marketing, evaluating which campaigns actually add long-term value requires a lot of data and sophisticated analytics. Investment in the right tools can have a substantial impact on the bottom line.

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Are decisions in your business supported to the fullest extent by the relevant facts?

Whether you are a large, well established multinational or a rapidly growing SME, it is likely […]

Enabling the data-driven organisation – TFM&A2015

We were proud to be sponsors of the 2015 Marketing University at the highly regarded Technology for Marketing and Advertising conference in Olympia, London (TFM&A 2015). As part of […]

Big Data for the smaller business – TFM&A 2015

On 25th March we addressed the Technology for Marketing and Advertising show (TFM&A) in Olympia, London on the subject of ‘Big Data for the smaller business’. The talk formed […]

TFM&A 2015

Golden Orb will be presenting two essential seminars at this year’s TFM&A exhibition. Our presentation on Wednesday, “Big data for the smaller business” is intended for people new to […]

Using ASP.NET with Oracle OLAP

We have been using a combination of ASP.NET and Oracle OLAP for some years to build sophisticated planning and reporting tools and found them to work very well together. […]

Managing the legacy of OFA

Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA) has been out of support for many years, yet the huge investment made in it makes it hard for many companies to move away. Whether it is support you need, or assistance with finding an alternative, we can help.