Golden Orb will be presenting two essential seminars at this year’s TFM&A exhibition. Our presentation on Wednesday, “Big data for the smaller business” is intended for people new to the subject, whilst “Enabling the data driven organisation” will be suitable for more experienced practitioners.

Big data for the smaller business
Wednesday, 25th February at 14.00
Data is everywhere, and businesses such as Google are doing amazing things with the vast amounts of data that they capture. Sometimes it seems that you need a budget of millions and an army of PhD mathematicians in order to gain entry to this exclusive club. In this talk, we discuss how even small businesses with more limited budgets can benefit from the big data revolution by adopting an incremental approach and taking full advantage of the wealth of resources on the web.

Enabling the data driven organisation
Thursday, 26th February at 11.00
Many companies like to think that they are data-driven – and, of course, all businesses are, to the extent that they look at their sales reports to understand how they are performing. However, there is a vast gulf between companies for whom data is an integral part of the way they conduct their business and those who merely use data to monitor their performance. In this talk, aimed mainly at senior managers, we examine strategies for enabling data to inform all aspects of the business, including identifying and removing roadblocks, breaking down silos and empowering employees with the necessary tools to take full advantage of all the company’s data to take the best possible decisions.

Why not arrange an appointment in advance?
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Can’t make TFM&A?
If you would like to discuss how Golden Orb could help you make better use of your data with bespoke software, please do get in touch – we would be delighted to hear from you.