DC Innovator Award winner!

Running a python website using Microsoft IIS

Python has proved itself to be an extremely useful and multi-faceted tool. We’ve used it with libraries such as pandas and numpy in the Data Science arena, working with […]

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Do you really know which of your campaigns actually make you money?

In direct marketing, evaluating which campaigns actually add long-term value requires a lot of data and sophisticated analytics. Investment in the right tools can have a substantial impact on the bottom line.
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Backing up an entire WordPress site

We use WordPress to power our company website. It gives us an excellent platform for managing and publishing our site content; we have been very happy with it, and […]

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Working with Oracle from python on a Mac

A recent disk failure left me having to reinstall the software I use on my Mac laptop. I took the opportunity to clean-install Yosemite on the machine, then set […]

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Golden Orb to present at Direct Commerce Association Annual Summit

The Direct Commerce Association (DCA) is a not-for-profit trade body established in 2004 with the specific aim of supporting businesses in all areas of the multi-channel retail community. At […]

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Download our eBook “Enabling the data-driven organisation”

Are decisions in your business supported to the fullest extent by the relevant facts?

Whether you are a large, well established multinational or a rapidly growing SME, it is likely […]

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Enabling the data-driven organisation – TFM&A2015

We were proud to be sponsors of the 2015 Marketing University at the highly regarded Technology for Marketing and Advertising conference in Olympia, London (TFM&A 2015). As part of […]

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Big Data for the smaller business – TFM&A 2015

On 25th March we addressed the Technology for Marketing and Advertising show (TFM&A) in Olympia, London on the subject of ‘Big Data for the smaller business’. The talk formed […]

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TFM&A 2015

Golden Orb will be presenting two essential seminars at this year’s TFM&A exhibition. Our presentation on Wednesday, “Big data for the smaller business” is intended for people new to […]

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Are you a truly data-driven organisation?

Does everyone in your business, who has to make a decision as part of their job, have access to the data and tools to enable them to make the […]

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