In business, productivity is key. In a competitive marketplace, no matter how good your product or service, you cannot afford to waste time and money in any aspect of the way that you go about your business. If you do, there is always a competitor waiting around the corner to steal market share by providing the same product or service as you, but more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

This much is surely obvious, and yet inefficiencies are to be found everywhere – particularly in the way that data is handled within businesses. Everywhere, people are to be found scanning large print-outs by eye, manually copying data into spreadsheet reports, or carrying out routine processing of data. The thing is, computers are so much better at this than humans. They may not be much good at the creative stuff (yet), but boy are they good at handling and manipulating data! They are quicker than us, don’t make mistakes and can work through the night. And, once programmed, it costs nothing to have them do the same tasks day in, day out. Making your staff do repetitive jobs that can easily be automated represents money down the drain – adding cost to your company’s product or service, and probably reducing job satisfaction into the bargain. Let the computers do what they do best, so that your people can concentrate on the more interesting and creative stuff.

Our award-winning Compas software can be tailored to the precise planning and reporting needs of the business – automating what can be automated, and providing powerful reporting and analytics to let marketers do what they do best. This allows decision-makers to make the best possible decisions, supported by high quality, timely data and rigorous analysis. Because routine processing and data transformation is automated, it is completed before the majority of people come in for work, and so enables them to hit the ground running, rather than spending their first hour or two assembling the data they need. Specifically designed to support the marketing and planning functions, the Compas suite simplifies the creation of marketing-driven business plans, and helps business to conduct rigorous evaluation of how effectively their marketing budget is being spent, allowing them to improve allocation to maximise return on investment (ROI). Contact us now to discuss how it can benefit your business and arrange a demonstration.