Come and try out our new Compas Marketing Management System at Smarter Business Tech Live in Manchester Central on 15th and 16th November.

This is our first visit to this exciting and innovative show, and we will be talking about and demonstrating Compas, our cloud-based software which allows businesses to plan, monitor and analyse all their marketing activities in one place. There are various systems available in the marketplace which address specific operational needs of marketers – e-mail automation, web analytics, workflow etc. – but nothing much to address the needs of marketing management, or indeed of any marketer who wishes to see the bigger picture and operate in a truly entrepreneurial manner. They need something that covers all the different marketing activities they undertake, that allows them both to plan and evaluate campaigns (including seeing actual and planned figures side by side), and that provides sophisticated analytics to help them to learn from experience and maintain a process of continuous improvement. Furthermore, it should draw on the the insights of marketing science – e.g. sophisticated algorithms to improve forecasting and statistical models to avoid mistaking random variation for significant results.

We have been presenting the case for years that marketing needs to be taken more seriously as an activity: for too long, marketers have had to make do with a jumble of mismatched systems and spreadsheets to manage their activities. Frequently, this leads to hours wasted each week pulling together the necessary data to create sales reports. On the analysis front, many businesses fail to hold their marketing to the same level of accountability in terms of ROI as other investments, despite the fact that many marketing activities, particularly short-term promotional events, are perfectly amenable to rigorous analysis. In many cases, the reason that companies are not more disciplined in the way they plan and evaluate their marketing is simply that it is too hard, given the hotch-potch of tools that they have available. With Compas, everything is provided in one, easy to use, environment, meaning that analysis of every campaign is carried out overnight as new data becomes available, and forecasts are updated automatically and shared with all departments.

We are keen to give as many organisations a chance to try out Compas as possible, so we will be offering a massive 50% discount off the first year’s fees to anyone who registers an interest at the show. Come and talk to us on stand E7 in the Smarter Sales & Marketing Technology section of the show and see how Compas can help you. Contact us or visit for more information.