Terry Hogan at TFM&A 2014In February 2014, Golden Orb sponsored the Direct Marketing theatre at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising conference in Earls Court. We presented two case studies from our work with Direct Wines:

Forecasting customer lifetime value – see how Direct Wines addressed this thorny issue.
A technical talk covering in some depth the key concepts and methodologies involved with calculating average lifetime value for a cohort of recruits in a direct marketing business. The talk covered the a discussion of the data requirements and techniques used, and provided practical guidance on building robust forecasting models.

How good is your planning? Are you making good use of your data to forecast the future?
A wide-ranging presentation on how we helped to transform both the planning and reporting of marketing activity at Direct Wines by developing a global marketing system. The talk touched briefly on each of the main areas of functionality and provided useful feedback on some of the key learning from the process.

We had a good audience for both talks, with positive feedback on both occasions. These two talks provided an opportunity for us to showcase some of the very interesting work we have done recently in the field of Direct Marketing, both in developing bespoke planning software, and in building statistical models that generate actionable results.