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Group sort logo - diverse group of coloured game pieces, in formationGolden Orb is the company behind the website, which provides a valuable service to training organisations and human resources departments. The website provides an online solution to the problem of quickly sorting a list of people into evenly balanced and diverse groups.

For example:

  • A training organisation may receive a list of students which it needs to sort into breakout groups for case studies or group discussion
  • A school teacher or department head may wish to sort students from one or more year groups into classes or streams which are balanced in terms of ability, gender etc but keeping particular combinations of pupils together or apart
  • A company may need to organise conference delegates into groups for social activities and may wish to ensure that people from different offices and business functions get to mix as much as possible
  • A human resources professional may wish to assign new starters to different departments in a way that maximises diversity
  • A sports club administrator could use the site to sort a list of members into balanced teams

Tasks like these are relatively straightforward if the list only comprises a few people or there is only one characteristic to worry about, but once the numbers start rising, it quickly becomes very laborious to do in a manual way. allows users to upload a list of people in a simple text-file format and then does all the hard work of sorting them into groups based on the specified criteria. The user has a great deal of flexibility in determining how the various characteristics should be used when sorting, and once they are happy with the output they can print off a report or download the results for final manipulation and reporting.