Provisions management system

Accurate forecasting and tracking of future liabilities is of vital importance to any business. Unfortunately, sales planning tools and financial management systems frequently operate on different platforms and are not easy to integrate. For a global manufacturer of consumer products, we developed a tool to help them manage provisions arising from promotional activity. Taking feeds from the customer’s promotional planning tool and invoice management system, this system phased provisions over time, and allowed individual invoices to be allocated to one or more provisions as appropriate. When the final invoice had been received against a particular provision, the provision could be closed, and, if necessary, remaining funds released back to the business.

This project drew on many of Golden Orb’s strengths:

  • Ability to understand the business requirements of both the promotional planning process and financial management and to propose pragmatic solutions to meet the needs of both
  • Systems integration skills to combine inputs from heterogeneous planning and invoicing systems
  • Database and user interface skills – in this case Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET