Laithwaites Wine

“I have worked with Golden Orb for a while now, and what has really impressed me is the way they can connect up incredibly advanced theoretical models, and give them actionable real-life application.

We came to Terry with a concept, and a lot of data that we had been collecting, but with no idea of how to use the data to achieve our goal of helping our customers navigate our wine range with confidence, and within 6 hours of receiving the brief and the data, Terry had not only cracked the solution to the problem, but he had designed a working tool to enable us to input and analyse our data, and produce meaningful information that we could use to help us sell more wine.

Terry and his team are absolutely on top of the detail as well as understanding the client needs, which makes sure that conversations are productive, and time is not wasted in translating client needs for technical experts and vice versa.”

– Justin Howard-Sneyd, Wine Director, Laithwaites Wine