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Data scraping using Python

In an earlier post, I mentioned a piece of work we had done for a part of Oxford University, in which we extracted details from a number of documents […]

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The benefits of integrating planning with reporting

Combining the planning and evaluation of trade promotions, or direct marketing campaigns, into the same set of tools benefits both activities. It promotes better feedback from historical performance into the planning process, and ensures that actual sales can be viewed in the context of the original plan without the need for laborious copying of data.

Planning in a time of uncertainty

There is no doubt that the recent Brexit vote will increase uncertainty in the short to medium term. The best thing that small and medium-sized enterprises can do to prepare is to ensure that they use all available data and the best possible tools when planning for the future.

In praise of micro-IT

Sometimes small investments in IT to ease the flow of data around a business can have transformational effects. In terms of pure ROI, such 'micro-IT' is hard to beat!

Harvesting web data – a first sip at the Big Data firehose

Harvesting data from the internet, through a mix of web scraping and published APIs can help canny businesses to steal a march on their competitors at low cost.

Musings on an elevator pitch

Condensing our diverse offerings and skills into a twenty second 'elevator pitch' has proved an extremely stimulating and worthwhile mental exercise.
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Do you really know which of your campaigns actually make you money?

In direct marketing, evaluating which campaigns actually add long-term value requires a lot of data and sophisticated analytics. Investment in the right tools can have a substantial impact on the bottom line.

Enabling the data-driven organisation – TFM&A2015

We were proud to be sponsors of the 2015 Marketing University at the highly regarded Technology for Marketing and Advertising conference in Olympia, London (TFM&A 2015). As part of […]

TFM&A 2015

Golden Orb will be presenting two essential seminars at this year’s TFM&A exhibition. Our presentation on Wednesday, “Big data for the smaller business” is intended for people new to […]

Using ASP.NET with Oracle OLAP

We have been using a combination of ASP.NET and Oracle OLAP for some years to build sophisticated planning and reporting tools and found them to work very well together. […]